Johan Leidefors

The story & lyrics for “Watchman”

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I know as a watchman
There’s no way they’d pat me on the head n then
Lie to me about what’s really happenin
If they would at least I’d know

I know as a watchman
Social media’s were the actual truth resides /Why
question me when I’ve already picked a side
My bubble is my strong hold

But I know / I know – the black n gold
But I know / I know – the shock n awe

I know as a watchman
Watching both the fox and friends time and again
No telling how the info wars will ever end
Until have I watched some more


I’m scared as I watch men
All I know is what I learned from watching them
Scared to open doors that’s firmly shut by them
Fear’s the safest place I know


This song is ment to deal with the filter bubble that all media is contributing to. Today you never hear “...but on the other hand” in any american news segments. I do think that Swedish media is a little bit better though. A little. The consequence of all media having an agenda is suspicion towards everything that contradicts what you already think. Be careful.

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