Johan Leidefors

The story and lyrics for ”Tell me it’s okay”

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Live acoustic version in studio by Johan Leidefors

Waiting for tomorrow/ been waiting for days
Swept myself sorrow / my one true safe place

The air that I’m breathing/ is thicker than blood
Guess this is the reason/ to do what I should

I’ve been pulling a way / my baby
I’ve been walking astray
No one knows what to say to save me
I’ve been pulling away

Til you find something better / I chose to sing
Can’t fly with just one feather / that’s all I bring

The pressure and the trial keep pushing on
You’re a shining diamond/ I’m a lump of coal


Sigh with me / cry with me
And tell me it’s OK
/ That


Mental illness, feeling sorrow or loneliness are emotions that many people know all too well. Trying to push through such a dark season on your own can be exhausting. It’s by opening up and leveling with one another that we can keep above water. If you don’t have a context to turn to remember that there are digital forums where people are waiting to listen to you. In Swedish: Om du behöver stöd i samtal kring depression och ångest ta kontakt med din vårdcentral. Ett digitalt alternativ är Under Kevlaret på insta och FB samt Svenska kyrkans chattjour.

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