Johan Leidefors

The story & lyrics for ”Grace and gravity”

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Close your eyes / ascend into the sky
Stand your ground / don’t blink. /With

-out no ties / soar higher than high
Bound to ground / to sink / it’s

Hard for me to see
Grace and gravity
Both got hold of me
Shackled yet so free

The earth that meats the sea
Joined but can’t agree
Both affecting me
Rest in ecstasy

Pulling me apart / caught in the middle
Close but still so far / wide yet
so little

You carry me/ I carry you / Reaching zero gravity
Save my soul / 21 grams too heavy


Faster than speed of light / (sound)
Is the speed of touch
The speed of love

/ Your love is like gravity /You
move me when you move towards me


Inspired by Peter Rollins words about the contrasts of life, the two things that are in constant battle with each other - symbolised in Grace and Gravity. Fighting darkness with darkness, fire with fire or violence with more violence is bound to fail. The contrast is needed for achieving a change. And contradictions are a natural part of life. Balance come from experiencing both high and low. Keep an open and welcoming spirit.

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