Johan Leidefors

The story & lyrics for “Go home”

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Wave goodbye to his children / Leave em standing by the door
Once he had a decent job / But he’s not welcome any more
Try to deny what he’s feeling / close his eyes and says ”oh Lord”
Why is this his fate when we’re both born in -84

So pays for a ticket that he cannot afford
With promises for jobs up north / and I

I’ve been out several days in the cold and I / wish that I could go home
Don’t wanna go away but I know that / this could help em at home

Can’t believe I would take to the streets /
now I’m down on my knees saying Lord I just wanna go home

I’ve been out several days in the cold and I / wish that I could go home

Met a girl / made her his Mrs. / Left him hanging high and dry
Without a job there’s much she misses / So it was time to say goodbye

In a dream his kids still standing by that same door
An angry watchdog wakes him up and he can’t see them any more

He got a loan from a dealer for a ticket to ride
Promised his daughter he’d do what he can to survive / and I


I keep looking for job all the time / But it’s impossible to find
At times I wonder if it’s all worth what I had to leave behind


This song is about a friend I met at a homeless shelter. He'd just come to Sweden, hoping to make life better for him and his two kids. He had such a warm heart. But the circumstances and details that made his and my life totally different was deppressing. Just because he wasn't born here he was destined to a life without hope. He just wished to go home, to his loved ones.

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