Johan Leidefors

Go easy

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I can’t believe what heard today
Same old words in another way
They said it 80 years ago
It took that time for the root to regrow

And you know it all feels bittersweet
Peoples rights and hate will meet
The right to say what he thinks
The right to fall for ignorance

Cuz even our society can’t trump the game they play
The game is rigged entirely to reward the bluff and fake
Tell me your agenda sir
Tell it to me straight
Tell me what you’re striving for and I’ll
Go easy

A wind blows in that’s cold and chill
Lock ya arms / fire at will
New neighbors in my neighborhood
We act the way no neighbor should

The war that we have never seen
The outrage against the machine
Are things we’ll never understand
Until we take our neighbors hand


We all wish life was easier
No thin red line tween peace n war
But when we hit reality
We redefine our enemy


I wrote this song when it became clear that the so called “Sweden Democrats” (Sverigedemokraterna) was about to do their best election of in history in Sweden. They are a right wing party with its roots in racists movements. Also Trump won the presidency and it became clear how populism owns the agenda. It’s obvious how these voices say one thing but actually mean something else. Racism is disguised as “strive for safety” etc. I believe that turning our back on our fellow man will never make us more safe.

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