Johan Leidefors

The story & lyrics for “Free (like a river)”

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The neon sign to paradise
Shine bright in heavy rain

Maybe they made a compromise
For they both to remain

Mirrored in the water drain
The image hypnotize

Will it ever fall from fame
into grace / in the end realise

Let the river run to me
Pick me up / set me free

Cry out every tear you missed
Like a river loud and clear

Cus when you drop the guard like this
what is ever left to fear

the river will still come in each night
Swept away but close to home

the little kid who can’t just wait to get away
will take help by anyone

Let the river run to me
Pick me up / set me free

Cry out every tear
Like a river loud and clear

You’re free either way you go
You’re free either way


Ever felt trapped? Ever felt like you’re at a place where you wish to leave - not knowing how? This is a song that in a pretty philosophical way deals with those emotions. For me personally it was about leaving the ways and traditions I was brought up in the church. Suddenly I realized I need to make my own decisions not based on other people’s expectations. That was hard. Real hard. And there was no rainbow at the other end - just a feeling of relief when still watching that rainbow from afar.

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