Johan Leidefors

The story & lyrics behind “Back to you”

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I picked out a good route when was I starting out
Convinced that was the right one

I was headed up north when everything turned south
afraid to talk of what I’ve done

You can’t blame the map for the road you took
You chose what you believe in

They say well so far it’s all looking good
But looks can be deceiving

And oh, I’m feeling
That oh, I’m leaving

But when I turn the key and push the gas down I
Know it won’t turn out th’way it did the last time
I can’t go back to yesterday/ but I
Can go back to you

Am I the only one that ever feel this way
Wonder if it’s better if I go than stay
Cuz I can’t go back to yesterday/ but I
Can go back

It’s no secret that freedom I was feening for
Was never in no travel plan

But who can find adventure if you stay indoors
A bad idea’s still worth a chance

And oh, I’m feeling
That oh, I’m leaving


Viewing the journey we all do in life I wrote this song about an actual journey. And how your initial destination may change as you encounter new things and experience new stuff. What seamed so right in the beginning may be something else in the end. And that’s ok - cus where can you go but forward? You can’t go back in time but you can come back to love. The important thing is to dare to accept when you’re wrong and set out a new path.

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